More than servicing machines, we serve you.

Retain ownership of your laundry equipment while eliminating hassles and increasing resident satisfaction with an expert service and parts program that works for you.

Experience Service Beyond the Machine

150,000+ CLIENTS

Trust us as their total laundry & air solutions provider

127,000 Multi-Housing Communities

12,500 Residential

6,700 Hotels & Resorts

4,500 Laundromats

1,300 Colleges & Universities


There’s no good time for downtime. That’s why we enact a robust preventative maintenance program with machine-monitoring to catch issues before they arise. In the event of a problem, our local team and 24/7 Customer Support Center provide responsive service to get your machines back online as quickly as possible.


We leverage the latest technology to enhance convenience and ease of use for you and your end-users. We marry the practical with the progressive, to deliver solutions that make sense for the real world—like machines that automatically send error codes to our technicians, text a user when their laundry is ready, accept mobile payment options, and provide real-time analytics.


We’re there when you need us, with a local team of tenured professionals ready to assist you with everything from account management to service. And speaking of service, many of our expert technicians are long-time members of the CSC family—so you can feel confident work will be performed by a familiar face looking out for your best interest.